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Giving needy mothers a head-start amidst the hard economy.

Covid-19 hit a great blow to the economy of Uganda for the past two years. This affected many families, mothers and children of different societies in Uganda. As Tanzi Foundationwe decided to go down to the most affected areas and people so that we can encourage them in all possible ways to stay in a strong line of business financially. We managed to give out food, clothes, basins, bread , menstruation pads among others.

In partnership with different donors, we managed to give back to the people of Busega-Kibumbiro zone in our 2022 charity donation.
Incase you would love to contribute more to our extended charities to the needy mothers, girls, old and young children, Make Your Donation Here


Tanzi Foundation donates to women in Kibumbiro,Uganda

Underprivileged women with children have been completely affected by the pandemic/ covid19. Some are single mothers, mothers in labour, widows and pregnant mothers.


Tanzi Foundation charity donation to mothers and children of Kampala

As we have a wider vision in helping and developing a common woman and girl child of Uganda, we always do charities to make change to people’s lives and be part of their life memories. Tanzi foundation donated food, clothers, scholastic materials, basins, soap and many other necessities of life.



Sponsor A Needy Child Today

The dream has come true after the announcement of the reopening of schools. Everyone is getting ready teachers, school owners, parents, and students. Reopening of schools but who is going back? The president of Uganda confirmed on the 31st of December 2021 that all the learners will go back to school on the 10th of January. This is good news to all parents and school owners plus teachers who are willing to continue with the call.

The minister of education and sports says that learners are automatically going to the next class. That is to say, those who were in senior one to be promoted to senior two as schools open. This is due to the missed terms by the students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This may be good news for the high growth rate of children mostly girls. But the coverage in the school syllabus is low and no one knows how it is going to be covered. Teachers are advised to find balancing solutions to make up for the lost time. But remember it has been a long since students last sat in the classrooms. And their minds are not set the school class works, tests, and exams.


Effects Of Corona Virus To Children In Uganda

Children always have a delicate lifestyle. Due to the Coronavirus, it was hard for people to access medical facilities and the child suffered from different diseases that are to say headache, malaria, burns, allergy, flu, cough, diarrhea, tonsillitis, and wounds.  Getting the medication was hard so doctors had to be invited to the orphanages which were expensive.

The limited funds also become a big issue. Donor aid and charitable works always support orphanage homes. They were unable to do charity and donors were unable to send in funds as others cut the sponsorship to the orphans. This led many orphanages to close up as it become hard to feed the children, provide health care.

Domestic struggles in the family, high prices of food, shortage of medical care led to malnutrition in children and displacement of the children from families that can support them. Leaving many children in orphanages as they don’t have any families to take them in. Many children died because of hunger and fever as some kids feed on special food staff and it was not accessible and if it was the prices were high and could not afford it.


Supporting Women Empowerment Programs

Women face a lot of challenges from the teenage age to adult especially those living in developing countries like Uganda. The major challenges to women are discrimination, Gender Roles, Reproductive and Maternal health, marriage and divorce, and violence.

In Uganda, women have a lower social status than men. let’s say decision-making, acquiring education, and finding a lucrative job, women have fewer powers. In the past, women’s rights have been violated from time to time, including the right to own land and the right to marry. Although women make up nearly half of the labor force, they are paid far less than men. As a result, men wage war against women, but no one is calling for a ceasefire or imposing sanctions. Thus limiting women’s empowerment.

Secondly, so many communities are still following the cultural norms and beliefs that disrespect women. Am not saying that we should not recognize our cultures but some laws no longer apply in the 21st century. To begin with, so many women are forced into marriage as long as the partner can pay a bride price. In addition, parents still trade their children (girls) for just a simple small bird price making it open for domestic violence in marriage. At the time of divorce, a girl is supposed to return the bride price that was paid as she was entering the marriage. The parents will force the girl to stay there since they cannot return the price despite what she may be going through in the marriage.

When it comes to inheritance, a widow in some families will be forced to get married to a male relative (brother to the husband) so that his property will stay within his family. Many widows don’t have a say in the husband’s property.



Food Campaign Charity In Kampala

We can’t talk about 2021 without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic. As things opened up around the world, we were hoping Uganda would be the same. But, in June, a strict lockdown was imposed on Uganda closing schools, markets, businesses and churches.

Our greatest achievements in 2021 reflect the resilience of our communities, volunteers, our teams in Uganda as well as the passion and kindness of our supporters in the wake of continued lockdowns and restrictions in Uganda.

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