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Giving needy mothers a head-start amidst the hard economy.

Covid-19 hit a great blow to the economy of Uganda for the past two years. This affected many families, mothers and children of different societies in Uganda. As Tanzi Foundationwe decided to go down to the most affected areas and people so that we can encourage them in all possible ways to stay in a strong line of business financially. We managed to give out food, clothes, basins, bread , menstruation pads among others.

In partnership with different donors, we managed to give back to the people of Busega-Kibumbiro zone in our 2022 charity donation.
Incase you would love to contribute more to our extended charities to the needy mothers, girls, old and young children, Make Your Donation Here


Tanzi Foundation donates to women in Kibumbiro,Uganda

Underprivileged women with children have been completely affected by the pandemic/ covid19. Some are single mothers, mothers in labour, widows and pregnant mothers.


Tanzi Foundation charity donation to mothers and children of Kampala

As we have a wider vision in helping and developing a common woman and girl child of Uganda, we always do charities to make change to people’s lives and be part of their life memories. Tanzi foundation donated food, clothers, scholastic materials, basins, soap and many other necessities of life.


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