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Effects Of Corona Virus To Children In Uganda

Children always have a delicate lifestyle. Due to the Coronavirus, it was hard for people to access medical facilities and the child suffered from different diseases that are to say headache, malaria, burns, allergy, flu, cough, diarrhea, tonsillitis, and wounds.  Getting the medication was hard so doctors had to be invited to the orphanages which were expensive.

The limited funds also become a big issue. Donor aid and charitable works always support orphanage homes. They were unable to do charity and donors were unable to send in funds as others cut the sponsorship to the orphans. This led many orphanages to close up as it become hard to feed the children, provide health care.

Domestic struggles in the family, high prices of food, shortage of medical care led to malnutrition in children and displacement of the children from families that can support them. Leaving many children in orphanages as they don’t have any families to take them in. Many children died because of hunger and fever as some kids feed on special food staff and it was not accessible and if it was the prices were high and could not afford it.