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Supporting Women Empowerment Programs

Women face a lot of challenges from the teenage age to adult especially those living in developing countries like Uganda. The major challenges to women are discrimination, Gender Roles, Reproductive and Maternal health, marriage and divorce, and violence.

In Uganda, women have a lower social status than men. let’s say decision-making, acquiring education, and finding a lucrative job, women have fewer powers. In the past, women’s rights have been violated from time to time, including the right to own land and the right to marry. Although women make up nearly half of the labor force, they are paid far less than men. As a result, men wage war against women, but no one is calling for a ceasefire or imposing sanctions. Thus limiting women’s empowerment.

Secondly, so many communities are still following the cultural norms and beliefs that disrespect women. Am not saying that we should not recognize our cultures but some laws no longer apply in the 21st century. To begin with, so many women are forced into marriage as long as the partner can pay a bride price. In addition, parents still trade their children (girls) for just a simple small bird price making it open for domestic violence in marriage. At the time of divorce, a girl is supposed to return the bride price that was paid as she was entering the marriage. The parents will force the girl to stay there since they cannot return the price despite what she may be going through in the marriage.

When it comes to inheritance, a widow in some families will be forced to get married to a male relative (brother to the husband) so that his property will stay within his family. Many widows don’t have a say in the husband’s property.


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